Responsible Gambling

Individuals, who play skill and luck-based games, are not normally in danger of becoming addicted. Nevertheless, the risk, however small, is present and you should be aware of the symptoms and the ways of controlling risk should an addiction be suspected. Always remember that games of skill are being provided to you on the Internet so that you can challenge any person from our vast database of global players and test your skill against theirs. In the games of luck on offer on the platform you can also play against players from around the world, and here an element of luck can be decisive. 
Games of skill are in fact not considered to be gambling and they are therefore legal in most jurisdictions. The bet is only meant to add to the excitement of the challenge. 

Problems arise when gamers lose the sense of fun, which comes with playing such skill and luck-based games. An addiction can develop when gamers play skill and luck-based games solely to make money, or to win back money that they have already lost. They often believe that they have special luck or abilities or that their luck is about to change. When you start gaming not just for that rush and you find yourself chasing losses and betting more, the result is a vicious circle of increasing losses and increasing bets. 

How to tell if you have a problem 

  1. Are you leaving your family alone for long periods of time, in order to take part in games? 
  2. Are you spending more time gaming than you had planned or intended, ignoring other duties and responsibilities? 
  3. Do you argue frequently with your partner about you spending too much time and money on gaming and do you find that you cannot stop or limit yourself?
  4. Are you gambling family money needed for rent/mortgage, schooling, medical purposes, groceries, clothes, or heating bills? 
  5. Do you feel you have to take part in games to get to spend time with like-minded people? 
  6. When you are with your family, at work or at social events, are you constantly thinking about your next game or bet? 
  7. Do you look at gaming as a way of making money? 
  8. Do you find yourself trying to take part in gaming during office hours even if it could cost you your job?

If your answer to any of the above is “YES” then we suggest that you take action immediately BEFORE it becomes a serious problem. 

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