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Poker is one of the most popular casino games out there, mixing skill and luck for an exciting and tense game that often results in massive pay-outs. Poker is played with a regular 52 deck of cards and involves players making bets against one another depending on the value of the cards that they have in their hand. Poker is a popular choice for regular individual players and groups and can be gambled with large or small amounts of money. If you’re looking for high-quality poker in Dublin or Meath, why not visit Plaza Casino today? We offer some of the best in automated poker games in Ireland, with accumulative jackpots and large pay-outs to keep you coming back for more. We also offer complimentary refreshments and finger-food as you play, ensuring that you’re comfortable while playing our poker games.

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  • Single & Group Poker Games Available

  • Fully Automated Poker Games

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Poker FAQ

  • Where can I find poker near me?

    Plaza Casino offers Meath and Dublin poker games from our Meath and Dublin casinos. Why not visit our Ashbourne or Swords Casinos today for a game?


  • How do I play poker?

    Poker is played with a mixture of skill and luck, where players gamble their “poker hands” against one another. Players accumulate chips or money during the game, with the winner cashing out and sometimes winning a large sum of cash. If you’re a newcomer on the Poker Scene, why not visit Plaza Casino, where our helpful staff can help and advise you on how to play poker?

  • How big are your poker jackpots?

    At both casinos in the Plaza Casino franchise, we have poker equipment with accumulative jackpots. This means that our jackpots build up over time if they’re not won, leading to larger pay-outs and jackpots in the long-term.