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Roulette is a popular casino game that consists of a ball being dropped on a large wheel with numbered compartments that players place bets on. When the ball comes to rest on certain compartments, players who have bet on these compartments receive pay-outs depending on the size of their bet. This is a fast-paced casino game that is incredibly popular with both individuals and large groups of friends. What’s exciting about Roulette is that there are a number of betting options available for players, making the game highly profitable if a player bets right. Here at Plaza Casino, we have a range of automated roulette machines available for customers to enjoy, with large, accumulative pay-outs guaranteed. Our jackpots aren’t won every day, meaning that if you get lucky on our Meath & Dublin roulette machines, you could get really lucky. Whether you’re looking for a single game or want to gather a group of mates for a fun and exciting game of Dublin roulette, why not visit us today? We also offer helpful staff and complimentary food and drinks to ensure that you’re comfortable and happy throughout the duration of your visit to our Meath or Dublin casinos.

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  • The Best Roulette Machines in Ireland

  • Complimentary Food and Drinks for Customers

  • Helpful Staff to Show You How to Play

  • Fully-Automated Roulette Machines

  • Accumulative Jackpots & Large Pay-Outs

  • Roulette Games for Individuals & Groups

Touchbet Roulette Tables

Plaza Casino has a range of high-quality Grand Jeu Touchbet Roulette Tables, supplied to us by Amatic Industries. These Roulette tables are some of the best in Europe, ensuring exciting and engaging games for all players. Plaza Casino prides ourselves in investing in our equipment for a more enjoyable and high-class experience for all of our customers.

Roulette FAQs

  • What is roulette?

    Roulette is a casino game that consist of a large spinning wheel organised into numbered compartments. Players place bets on the wheel as a ball is dropped into the spinning wheel, resulting in large pay-outs when the bet is right.

  • Where can I find a roulette game near me?

    Plaza Casino offers a Meath and Dublin casino with automated roulette games for individual players and groups of players.

  • Is Roulette a game of skill or a game of luck?

    Roulette is mostly a game of luck similar to the lotto, however there is skill involved in Roulette. This skill mostly relies on choosing how to bet for the largest pay-out possible.