Terms & Conditions

Entry to Plaza Casino

  • Age Restriction: Entry is restricted to individuals aged 18 and above.Plaza Casino’s applies a ’think 21’ policy to comply with licensing.
  • Registration and ID: Customers may need to register personal details and provide valid photo ID. Failure to do so may result in refusal of entry.
  • Right to Deny Entry: Plaza Casino's reserves the right to deny entry on a temporary or permanent basis, without specifying a reason.
  • Inter-Casino Entry: Registration at one Plaza Casino allows entry to other Plaza Casino locations with your loyalty card, but entry may be subject to restrictions imposed by individual casino managements.
  • Attire Standards: Management may refuse entry to customers with unacceptable personal attire.
  • Loss of Property: The casino is not responsible for the loss of customer property on the premises.

Customer Conduct

  • Photography and Electronic Devices: Photography inside the casino without permission is prohibited. The use of electronic devices, without management approval, is not allowed.
  • Employee Complaints: Complaints about employee conduct can be reported to management, but customers may not personally reprimand employees.
  • Abuse or Threats: Customers who threaten or abuse employees or other customers may be excluded from all casinos.

Customer Protection

  • Self-Exclusion: Customers can request self-exclusion from the casino for problem gambling reasons.
  • Responsibility for Entry: If a self-excluded customer gains entry, PlazaCasino's is not liable for any losses or winnings during the exclusion period.


  • Personal Information: Personal information is collected during registration and communication, and CCTV cameras capture images on the premises.


  • Complaint Process: Complaints about the website or games should be reported promptly, and game-related issues must be raised within seven days.


  • Player Tools: Plaza Casino provides tools for responsible gambling, including communication with managers, self-exclusion, and external resources for help.


  • Website Accuracy: Plaza Casino is not liable for inaccuracies on the website, and users are encouraged to report any discrepancies.
  • Loss Liability: Plaza Casino's is not liable for losses due to inaccuracies, internet disruptions, or the use of information provided on the website.
  • Third-Party Links: Plaza Casino is not responsible for the content of third-party websites linked to or from its site.
  • Accessibility: Efforts are made to guarantee website accessibility and continuous improvement.
  • Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights are vested in PlazaCasino's, and unauthorised use of materials is prohibited.
  • Contact Information: Users can contact Plaza Casino for questions or concerns about website accessibility.

This summary is for informational purposes, and individuals should refer to the actual terms and conditions for complete details.